O Premer Kobita Review: Tanjim Totini and Khairul Basar’s Impressive On-Screen Chemistry

Mahmud Mahin's directorial romantic drama O Premer Kobita, starring Khairul Basar and Tanjim Totini, was released on Sultan Entertainment's YouTube channel on April 25th, 2024. 

The story revolves around two childhood friends, Ratul (Khairul Basar) and Rimi (Tanjim Totini). Ratul falls in love with Rimi, but when he proposes to her at Rimi’s friend’s wedding, she begins to ignore him. Engineer Hashib (Jainal Jack) encounters Rimi at the wedding and instantly develops feelings for her. He, along with his mother, approaches Rimi's family with a marriage proposal. Will Ratul be able to win Rimi’s love back?

The on-screen chemistry between Khairul Basar and Tanjim Totini is the major highlight of the romantic drama O Premer Kobita. Tanjim Totini delivers a convincing performance as Rimi. She looks stunning and particularly impresses in the serious scenes with her flawless dialogue delivery and expressions. Khairul Basar portrays Ratul well.

Rezwan Sheikh’s music composition and the background score by Rezwan Sheikh & Salman Jaim were decent. Mostak Morshed's cinematography is impressive. Mahmud Mahin did a commendable job of bringing a fresh story to life through his direction.

O Premer Kobita Drama Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRAtOc5iCcA

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