Mone Rakhbo (2024) Drama Trailer: Sadia Ayman & Farhan Ahmed Jovan starring upcoming romantic drama

On May 15, 2024, Peacock Entertainment unveiled the official trailer of their upcoming romantic drama Mone Rakhbo. Directed by Mabrur Rashid Bannah, the drama stars Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Sadia Ayman in the lead roles, with Shamim Ahmed and Rashed Amran in supporting roles.

The 2 minutes and 45 seconds trailer provides a brief overview of the plot, revolving around Tiyasa (Farhan Ahmed Jovan) who falls in love with Rocky (Farhan Ahmed Jovan), unaware of Rocky's involvement in politics. Slowly, Rocky reciprocates Tiyasha's love, but after discovering some undisclosed information about Rocky, Tiyasha decides to part ways. Will Rocky ever win back Tiyasha’s love?

The on-screen chemistry between Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Sadia Ayman appears promising in the trailer. The music composition by Rupak Tiary is another notable aspect of this trailer.

Shamim Rahman is responsible for the editing, and Nazmul Hasan handles the cinematography of this drama produced by Zulkar Nyene Bhuyan. The story of Mone Rakhbo was written by Mabrur Rashid Bannah.

Mone Rakhbo (2024) Romantic Drama Cast:

Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Sadia Ayman, Shamim Ahmed, Rashed Amran


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