Jodi Bhalobasho (2024) Drama Trailer: Tasnuva Tisha & Arosh Khan starring upcoming romantic drama

On May 10, 2024, KS Films Production unveiled the official trailer of their upcoming romantic drama Jodi Bhalobasho. Directed by Imraul Rafat, the drama stars Arosh Khan and Tasnuva Tisha in the lead roles. 

The 2-minute trailer provides a glimpse into the plot, revolving around the characters of Arosh Khan and Tasnuva Tisha, who fall in love but encounter challenges as Tasnuva Tisha's character begins to distance herself from Arosh Khan's character. Why she started ignoring him remains a central question. Will they be able to reunite for their love?

The on-screen chemistry between Arosh Khan and Tasnuva Tisha appears promising. Shahriar Alam Marcel's background score is impressive. Imraul Rafat has penned the story and screenplay, while Shafin Islam handles the cinematography and Hridoy manages the editing. Julfikar Chanchal will play a crucial role in this drama.

Jodi Bhalobasho (2024) Drama Cast:

Arosh Khan, Tasnuva Tisha, Julfikar Chanchal


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