Mirza (2024) Movie Review: Kaushik Ganguly is the show-stealer

Director Sumeet-Saahil's action thriller Mirza, starring Ankush Hazra, Oindrila Sen, Kaushik Ganguly, Rishi Kaushik, Shoaib Kabeer, and Rajat Ganguly, was released in theatres on 11th April 2024.

The story begins with Inspector Kaustav Sen (Rishi Kaushik), who has been assigned the task to remove the drug racket from the city. The drug racket is run by Sultan (Kaushik Ganguly), the most powerful gangster, and his son Azhar (Shoaib Kabeer).

Mirza (Ankush Hazra) wants to join Azhar's gang and tries to impress him in every way possible. In the meantime, Mirza falls in love with Muskan (Oindrila Sen) who sells fish in the local market. What were Mirza's intentions behind joining Azhar's gang? Will Kaustav Sen be able to remove the drug racket? Will Muskan accept Mirza's love?

Kaushik Ganguly is the show-stealer of this film without a second thought. This is the first time we are seeing him portray the antagonist in a mass-action film, but the way he delivers the punchlines is whistle-worthy. The writing of his character, Sultan, could have been a lot better. Barring 2-3 scenes, the build-up of this character, which could make us believe that "Sultan Means Power," is missing.

Ankush Hazra delivers one of the finest performances of his career to date. He will catch your attention with his dialogue delivery and action sequences. He already mentioned in a video shared from his social media handle that, irrespective of the box office numbers, he is determined to bring Mirza 2: Tiger and will make it bigger than Mirza Part 1: Joker.

Oindrila Sen, on her 4th project as a female lead, looks very impressive, and this is certainly her best performance to date. The action sequence she was featured in deserves a special mention.

It's really good to see Rishi Kaushik finally getting a good role since making a buzz with his performance in Jeet starring Kranti in 2006. I hope he gets more opportunities to work in such commercial films in the coming days.

Three important clashes that should have been given maximum focus are Mirza vs. Sultan and the clashes between the police and the gangsters, especially Sultan vs. Kaustav Sen and Mirza vs. Kaustav Sen. But none of these clashes got enough space, which makes their fights less exciting.

Shoaib Kabeer as Azhar also looks good. Shantilal Mukherjee provided good support with his performance. Jammy Banerjee had nothing much in the script to showcase his potential. The on-screen chemistry between Ankush Hazra and Oindrila Sen also does not seem organic. The children's part could have been bigger, but the screenplay did not provide much for them to showcase.

Debutant director duo Sumeet-Saahil deserves praise for bringing out some of the best performances from these stars, and the overall execution looks okay too. The editing and the running length are major problems in this film, apart from the predictable storyline. Also, many areas failed to create the excitement they should have because they were already revealed in the trailer. The background score also seemed pretty weak.

Even if you forget every other aspect of Mirza Part 1: Joker, just the stunning performances from the lead characters and action sequences are enough to give a good experience. I would like to appreciate Ankush Hazra and his production house for showing the courage to bring a mass film at a time when these types of films are neither getting massive success nor generating great business.

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