Last Defenders of Monogamy (2024) Teaser: Chanchal Chowdhury & Xefer Rahman Starring Upcoming Film

On 3rd April 2024, the OTT platform Chorki unveiled the 5th official teaser of their upcoming film Last Defenders of Monogamy. Directed by Mustafa Sarayar Farooqui, the film stars Chanchal Chowdhury and Xefer Rahman and will premiere on Chorki this EID.

The 5 teasers do not reveal anything about the story, but the short clips hint that the plot revolves around a debate on various topics between two different generations: the empowered Millennial Lamia (Xefer Rahman) and the ultimate boomer Shafkat (Chanchal Chowdhury).

Shafkat complains about women wearing short dresses while Lamia opposes his thought. They share a romantic moment for which Shafkat apologizes to Lamia, but she has already forgotten that incident. How the relationship between these two different generations progresses will be unveiled in this film.


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