UNO Sir (2024) Review: Ziaul Faruque Apurba delivers a brilliant performance

Directed by Syed Shakil, the crime thriller UNO Sir stars Ziaul Faruque Apurba, Tanjim Saiyara Totini, Intekhab Dinar, Joyraj, and Naresh Bhuiyan. Premiering on the OTT platform Deepto Entertainment on February 24th, 2024.

The story revolves around Jahid (played by Ziaul Faruque Apurba), a newly appointed Upazila Nirbahi Officer, who is tasked with handling the case of his ex-girlfriend Mitu (portrayed by Tanjim Saiyara Totini).

Mitu, now a widow, is struggling to secure her home for herself and her daughter after the death of her husband Alamgir. Reza (played by Intekhab Dinar), a local land mafia, along with Alamgir's brothers, plots to evict Mitu and her daughter from their residence. Can Jahid intervene in time to save them from Reza and his gang?

Ziaul Faruque Apurba delivers a commendable performance, particularly shining in emotional scenes and confrontations with Intekhab Dinar's character. However, Tanjim Saiyara Totini's portrayal of Mitu lacks the emotional depth needed to resonate with the audience. Her struggles as a single mother and widow could have been depicted with more intensity. Intekhab Dinar made a noteworthy contribution with his performance.

While Mezbah Uddin Sumon's story offers potential, the execution by director Syed Shakil leaves much to be desired. The screenplay lacks coherence, and certain aspects of the narrative could have been developed further. Additionally, the chemistry between Ziaul Faruque Apurba and Tanjim Saiyara Totini's characters feels underexplored.

Overall, UNO Sir is worth a single viewing, primarily for Ziaul Faruque Apurba's standout performance.


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