Shaktirupenn (2024) Review: Basabdatta Chatterjee shines with a convincing performance

Director Surajit Mukherjee's revenge thriller Shaktirupenn, starring Basabdatta Chatterjee, Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh, Amlan Majumder, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Swarnakamal Dutta, Sukanya Basu Sarkar, Papiya Dey, Rana Mukherjee, and Ankur Roy, premiered on Klikk on March 14th, 2024.

The story follows Damayanti Chatterjee (Basabdatta Chatterjee), a designer who co-owns a boutique with her friend Rishan (Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh). While returning from a client meeting, they encounter Noyona Mondal, who pleads for help against Tilak Das and his gang. Despite Noyona's distress, Rishan dissuades Damayanti from intervening. Tragically, they later learn of Noyona's gangrape and murder, prompting Damayanti to file an FIR against Tilak Das. Will justice prevail for Noyona?

Basabdatta Chatterjee's performance shines, particularly in the final two episodes of this revenge thriller. However, the initial four episodes lagged, with occasional comedy scenes falling flat. Director Surajit Mukherjee's subpar execution fails to meet expectations.

While the story holds promise as a gripping thriller, its downfall lies in weak writing and execution. Character development falls short, and the relationship between Damayanti and Rishan lacks depth. Repetitive scenes and poor editing further detract from the viewing experience. The courtroom drama, a crucial element, suffers from lackluster execution.

Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh's performance falls short of expectations, though Amlan Majumder delivers a convincing portrayal. Supporting actors fail to leave a lasting impression.

Shaktirupenn, inspired by gangrapes in Sutia, offers glimpses of brilliance, primarily through Basabdatta Chatterjee's performance and the climactic moments. However, the series ultimately falls short of its potential, rendering much of it a disappointment.


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