Oti Uttam (2024) Movie Review: Anindya Sengupta’s Performance and Saptak Sanai Das’s Composition are Impressive

Director Srijit Mukherji's romantic drama Oti Uttam, starring Uttam Kumar, Anindya Sengupta, Roshni Bhattacharya, Gourab Chatterjee, Laboni Sarkar, and Subhasish Mukherjee, was released in theaters on 22nd March 2024.

The story revolves around Krishnendu (Anindya Sengupta), a PhD student researching the 'Sociological Impact of the Smile of Uttam Kumar.' He has been in love with Sohini (Roshni Bhattacharya) since their college days.

However, when he finally musters the courage to propose to her, she rejects him. To win her love, Krishnendu seeks the help of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s real grandson, Gourab (Gourab Chatterjee), to contact Uttam Kumar through a planchette. Will Mahanayak Uttam Kumar help Krishnendu win Sohini’s love?

Anindya Sengupta once again delivers a commendable performance. He portrays Krishnendu as an ardent fan of Uttam Kumar, and his expressions and body language while interacting with his idol are a joy to watch. His innocent proposal to Sohini stands out as the most enjoyable scene in the film.

Roshni Bhattacharya is decent in her debut role but has room for improvement, especially in emotional scenes. The comic scenes featuring Laboni Sarkar and Subhasish Mukherjee are entertaining. However, Gourab Chatterjee's role doesn't offer much substance.

The presence of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on screen is a treat for the audience, but this momentary delight is short-lived. Once the initial awe wears off, several flaws become apparent. 

Imagine a particular scene where an actor appears in three different costumes, to deliver three different dialogues with varying expressions and body language. At times, the dialogues seem somewhat irrelevant. The camera work is another area of concern, as it may disappoint in several scenes.

Srijit Mukherji, known for his commendable dialogues, doesn’t quite hit the mark this time. Apart from a few standout lines like “Udta Punjab dekhecho, marta Bengal dyakhoni?” and the memorable dialogue from "Nayak: The Hero" – “Ami Toh Achhi, Isn't That Enough?” – the dialogues lack impact.

Including more scenes depicting Krishnendu’s love for Sohini from their college days could have enhanced the film's appeal. The concept feels repetitive and somewhat outdated. The emotional scenes fail to resonate with the audience.

Director Srijit Mukherji and the team deserve credit for their hard work and research in bringing back the emotions associated with Bengali icon Mahanayak Uttam Kumar to the big screen. This film marks the 211th in Uttam Kumar’s career, and he returns after a hiatus of 35 years since his last appearance in Dulal Guha’s "Mera Karam Mera Dharam" in 1987.

The music composition by Saptak Sanai Das is a major highlight of the film. If you've ever dreamed of watching Mahanayak Uttam Kumar on the big screen, then Oti Uttam is a must-watch. However, apart from this aspect, the film doesn't offer much to enjoy.


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