Medicine Man (2024) Review: Shashwta Datta Delivers an Impressive Performance

Arman Rahman Prottoy directed the romantic drama Medicine Man, starring Sadia Ayman and Shashwta Datta in the lead roles, with Sheikh Shopna, Joyeta Proionty, GM Masud, Rafee, Tahsin Ahmed, and Shanto in supporting roles. The film was released on Bongo on March 8, 2024.

The story revolves around a young couple, Sania (Sadia Ayman) and Sujib (Shashwta Datta), who marry despite Sania's family's disapproval due to Sujib's occupation as a Medical Representative.

Sujib struggles to meet his company's sales targets and faces verbal abuse from his boss, who ridicules him for his tardiness. Consequently, Sujib and Sania frequently engage in verbal disputes due to his inability to devote sufficient time to her. Will Sujib and Sania find happiness in their relationship?

Shashwta Datta delivers an impressive performance in Medicine Man, portraying the challenges of a middle-class Medical Representative with authenticity. His portrayal captures the struggle of balancing family and professional life.

The on-screen chemistry between Shashwta Datta and Sadia Ayman is a highlight of the drama. Sadia Ayman convincingly portrays Sania, showcasing her internal conflict as she adjusts to Sujib's modest lifestyle from the luxury she enjoyed at her parents' home.

Shahajada Shahed's engaging story and script, along with Arman Rahman Prottoy's adept direction, deserve praise for delivering a clear message about the importance of caring for our loved ones, given the unpredictability of tomorrow. Sazib Khan's background score adds another layer of depth to the drama.


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