Diya (2024) Short Film Review: A revenge drama with a social message

Director Aalok Hasan's short film "Diya," starring Tanha Tasnia and Abdullah Al Sentu in the lead roles, with Badhon Khan, Shikha Mou, and Fatema Heera in supporting roles, premiered on the YouTube Channel of Tiger Media on February 29th, 2024.

The story unfolds during the pandemic, focusing on Diya (Tanha Tasnia), who eagerly awaits the reopening of her college to resume her studies. However, her anticipation turns into concern when she misses her period, and even medication fails to alleviate the issue.

Despite her confidence in not having engaged in intercourse with anyone, upon her friend's suggestion, she undergoes a pregnancy test, only to discover she is pregnant. How did Diya become pregnant?

Tanha Tasnia delivers a compelling performance in this revenge drama, while Abdullah Al Sentu's portrayal is commendable. The writing by HD Sefat Hossain and direction by Aalok Hasan deserve praise for their execution. "Diya" conveys a poignant social message, highlighting the vulnerability of women in society. Mohi Shanto's cinematography, Razz's background score, and Rejaul Raju's editing contribute effectively to the film's narrative.

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