Wanted (2009) Hindi Movie Review: A blockbuster action entertainer

Wanted (2009) Hindi Movie Cast:

Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Prakash Raj, Sarfaraz Khan, Inder Kumar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Manoj Pahwa, Vinod Khanna, Mahek Chahal, Sajid Ali, Prateeksha Lonkar, Raju Mavani, Aseem Merchant, Govind Namdeo, Harry Josh

Release Date:

Salman Khan starring action thriller Wanted was released in theatres on 18th September 2009

Wanted (2009) Hindi Movie Review: Story & Performances

The story revolves around Radhe (Salman Khan), an undercover cop who is assigned to infiltrate a notorious gang led by Gani Bhai (Prakash Raj). Radhe, with his unorthodox methods and fearless personality, goes to great lengths to eliminate the criminal elements in the city and restore peace. Along the way, he encounters Jhanvi (Ayesha Takia), a young woman who falls in love with him, adding a romantic angle to the narrative. Will Radhe be able to eliminate Gani Bhai?

Salman Khan's performance as Radhe is the driving force behind the film's success. With his charismatic screen presence and larger-than-life persona, Khan effortlessly portrays the fearless and righteous cop. He delivers power-packed action sequences and elevates the film with his unique style and dialogue delivery.

Ayesha Takia shines in the role of Jhanvi, providing a refreshing and innocent portrayal. Her chemistry with Salman Khan adds a touch of romance to the otherwise action-packed storyline.

Prakash Raj delivers a convincing performance as the main antagonist, exuding menace and intensity in his portrayal of Gani Bhai.

Sarfaraz Khan delivers a commendable performance as Aslam Khan, a loyal and dedicated member of Radhe's team. Despite limited screen time, Khan brings sincerity and authenticity to the character, showcasing his acting prowess.

Inder Kumar portrays the role of Ajay Shekhawat, Radhe's friend, with conviction. He effectively portrays the morally ambiguous nature of his character, adding layers of complexity to the film's narrative.

The late Vinod Khanna, a legendary actor, delivers a noteworthy performance as Shrikant Shekhawat, Radhe's father. His strong screen presence and powerful dialogue delivery make a significant impact on the film.

Mahesh Manjrekar shines as SI Daulat R. Talpade, a corrupted police officer who supports Gani Bhai. Manjrekar brings depth and sincerity to his role, portraying the character with a perfect blend of seriousness and humor.

Manoj Pahwa delivers a convincing performance as Sonu Gates in this film. Sonu Gates is a comedic character who provides light-hearted moments throughout the film. Pahwa's impeccable comic timing and his ability to effortlessly deliver witty dialogues make his portrayal of Sonu Gates highly entertaining.


The music of "Wanted" was composed by Sajid-Wajid and was well-received by the audience. The soundtrack features catchy and energetic songs that became popular, such as "Jalwa" and "Dil Leke." These songs, accompanied by dynamic dance sequences, further contributed to the film's entertainment value.

Editing and Cinematography:

The editing in this film is fast-paced, enhancing the action sequences and maintaining the film's momentum. The slick cuts and seamless transitions keep the audience engaged throughout.

The cinematography captures the larger-than-life persona of Salman Khan, utilizing wide-angle shots and vibrant visuals. The action scenes are skillfully choreographed and shot, adding to the overall impact of the film.

Direction and Execution:

Prabhudeva's direction in this film ensures a perfect balance between action, comedy, and romance. He successfully showcases Salman Khan's strengths as an action hero and capitalizes on his star power. The film's execution, with its stylish action sequences and engaging screenplay, keeps the audience entertained.


The film focuses primarily on action and entertainment, which results in a lack of depth in emotional moments. While the film attempts to incorporate a romantic angle, it doesn't delve deeply into the complexities of the relationships, leaving some scenes feeling superficial. Also, the film follows a formulaic approach often seen in mainstream action movies. The plot structure, character tropes, and narrative twists may feel predictable to viewers who are familiar with the genre.

"Wanted" (2009) is a blockbuster action entertainer that revitalized Salman Khan's career and became a massive hit among audiences. With its captivating storyline, energetic performances, foot-tapping music, and stylish execution, the film provides an engaging cinematic experience. While it may not be devoid of certain commercial formulaic elements, the film stands out as an engaging action film that showcases Salman Khan's charisma and solidifies his position as a popular Bollywood star.


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