Vivegam (2017) Tamil Movie Review: Ajith Kumar's stellar performance and thrilling action sequences

Vivegam (2017) Tamil Movie Cast:

Ajith Kumar, Kajal Aggarwal, Akshara Haasan, Vivek Oberoi, Aarav Chowdhary, Amila Terzimehic, Bharath Reddy, Sharat Saxena, Karunakaran

Vivegam (2017) Tamil Movie Review: Story & Performances

Vivegam revolves around the life of Ajay Kumar (played by Ajith Kumar), an intelligence agent who is betrayed by his own agency. The film delves into his journey of seeking revenge while unraveling the truth behind the betrayal. Ajay's quest takes him through a series of action-packed missions, encounters with formidable adversaries, and the discovery of shocking secrets.

Ajith Kumar delivers a charismatic and intense performance as Ajay Kumar, showcasing his versatility as an actor. His portrayal of the determined and resilient agent is commendable, and he brings depth to the character with his emotional nuances.

Vivek Oberoi delivers a commendable performance as Aryan Singhania, the suave and cunning antagonist in this film. He brings a menacing charm to the character, portraying Aryan as a shrewd mastermind with a hidden agenda. Oberoi's portrayal is layered and captivating, as he effortlessly switches between being ruthless and charismatic. His on-screen presence adds depth and intensity to the film, making him a formidable adversary for Ajay Kumar.

Kajal Aggarwal plays the role of Yazhini, Ajay Kumar's wife, in this film. While her character doesn't receive significant development, Aggarwal brings a certain warmth and emotional depth to the role. Her chemistry with Ajith Kumar is palpable, and she shines in the emotional scenes, displaying vulnerability and strength. Aggarwal's portrayal adds a touch of emotional resonance to the film, anchoring the central relationship.

Akshara Haasan plays the role of Natasha, a hacker who aids Ajay Kumar in his mission. Though her screen time is limited, Haasan makes a lasting impression with her confident and enigmatic portrayal. She brings a certain allure to the character, showcasing Natasha's intelligence and resourcefulness. Haasan's performance adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the narrative.

Aarav Chowdhary portrays the character of Shawn, a trusted associate of Ajay Kumar. Chowdhary's performance is impactful, as he effectively conveys Shawn's loyalty and dedication to his friend. His on-screen chemistry with Ajith Kumar is palpable, adding depth to their camaraderie. Chowdhary brings a subtle intensity to his role, making Shawn an essential part of Ajay Kumar's journey.

Karunakaran's portrayal of Arumai Prakasam, also known as APS, adds a dose of humor to the otherwise intense narrative of this action thriller. His impeccable comedic timing and witty one-liners bring comic relief to the film. Karunakaran's performance as APS is entertaining and helps in balancing the tone of the movie, offering lighthearted moments amidst the action-packed sequences.


The film's music, composed by Anirudh Ravichander, is one of its strongest assets. The soundtrack features energetic and catchy songs that add to the film's pace and excitement. The background score effectively enhances the tense and thrilling moments, intensifying the viewing experience.

Editing and Cinematography:

The editing of this film is crisp and contributes to the film's fast-paced narrative. The seamless transitions between action sequences and emotional moments keep the audience engaged throughout. Cinematographer Vetri captures the essence of the film with his vibrant visuals, utilizing stunning locations and dynamic camera movements to create an immersive experience.

Action Sequences:

The film is renowned for its high-octane action sequences, which are undoubtedly the film's highlight. The meticulously choreographed stunts and adrenaline-pumping set pieces keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Ajith Kumar's dedication and physical prowess elevate the action scenes, making them both visually stunning and thrilling.

Direction and Execution:

Director Siva's vision for this film is evident, as he successfully blends elements of action, suspense, and drama. The film maintains a consistent pace, with well-crafted sequences that leave a lasting impact. The execution of the action set pieces and the overall direction showcase Siva's expertise in the genre.

Despite its strengths, Vivegam is not without its flaws. The film suffers from an inconsistent screenplay that at times feels convoluted and lacks clarity. Certain plot points are left unexplained, leaving the audience with unanswered questions. The characterization, especially of the female lead, feels underdeveloped and fails to contribute significantly to the narrative. Additionally, the excessive use of slow-motion sequences, though visually appealing, can be repetitive and may impede the film's progress.


Vivegam offers an exhilarating cinematic experience, thanks to its captivating performances, thrilling action sequences, and remarkable music. Ajith Kumar's stellar performance as the lead, along with the engaging direction and execution, makes the film a worthwhile watch for action enthusiasts. However, the film's flaws, including an inconsistent screenplay, underdeveloped characters, and excessive slow-motion sequences, prevent it from reaching its full potential. Nonetheless, Vivegam manages to entertain and leave a lasting impression on its audience.


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