Telugu Film Oh! Baby Review: An entertaining comedy film

Oh! Baby Telugu Review: Story and Performances

The film opens with Baby (Lakshmi), a cantankerous and opinionated 70-year-old woman who is unhappy with her life and relationships. She feels unappreciated by her family and frustrated by her inability to pursue her passion for singing. One day, she visits a photo studio and finds herself magically transformed into her 24-year-old self (Samantha Ruth Prabhu).

At first, Baby is shocked and disoriented by her transformation, but she quickly begins to embrace her new youth and freedom. She changes her name to Swathi, moves into a hostel, and begins to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Along the way, she reconnects with her estranged grandson (Teja Sajja) and develops a romantic relationship with a young man (Naga Shaurya).

Samantha Ruth Prabhu delivers a standout performance as Swathi, capturing the exuberance, enthusiasm, and vulnerability of her character with ease. Her comic timing and energy are infectious, and she infuses the film with a sense of youthful joy and optimism.

The supporting cast, including Lakshmi, Rajendra Prasad, and Rao Ramesh, also deliver noteworthy performances. Their characters add depth and nuance to the story, and their relationships with Swathi/Baby are both heartwarming and poignant.

The film's music, composed by Mickey J. Meyer, is another standout feature. The songs are catchy and upbeat, and they capture the spirit of the film. The background score adds to the emotional impact of the story, and the cinematography, by Richard Prasad, captures the vibrancy and energy of Hyderabad.

One of the film's strengths is its message about the importance of pursuing one's dreams and passions, no matter what age or stage of life. The film celebrates the spirit of youth and the power of music and art to bring people together and heal old wounds.

Another strength of the film is its treatment of the themes of aging and intergenerational relationships. The film challenges stereotypes about aging and shows the vitality and potential of older people. It also explores the complex dynamics between grandparents and grandchildren and highlights the importance of family and love in our lives.

Overall, "Oh! Baby" is a feel-good and entertaining film that combines elements of comedy, romance, and fantasy to deliver a memorable cinematic experience. The film's authentic performances, catchy music, and uplifting message make it a must-watch for fans of Telugu cinema and anyone who appreciates a good story about the power of love and music.


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