Jaatishawr (2023) Series Review: Cliché plot and weak performances

Jaatishawr (2023) Review:

Sani Ghose Ray (SGR) directed the Bengali web series Jaatishawr, comprising 7 episodes, which was released on 21st April 2023 on Hoichoi. The series stars Madhumita Sarcar as the character Roopkotha, who visits the Kusumpur temple for a photography assignment. However, she becomes unconscious after reaching Zamindarbari at Narayanpur, which happens to be the residential place of her boyfriend Arani (Rohaan Bhattacharya). Roopkotha talks about many things related to the Zamindarbari that she shouldn't know as a first-time visitor. This raises the question of how Roopkotha came to know so many things about the Zamindari.

The storyline of Jaatishawr follows a template that has become repetitive in Bengali OTT platforms. This lack of uniqueness in the plot has been observed in several other series, including Shwetkali, Roktokorobi, Indu Season 1, and Indu Season 2.

Madhumita Sarcar's performance as Roopkotha was underwhelming. She never looked in control while portraying the character, particularly due to poor dialogue delivery and irrelevant expressions. The rest of the cast, including Rohaan Bhattacharya, Bidipta Chakraborty, Koushik Chatterjee, Ananya Sengupta, Krishnendu Dewanji, and Manoj Ojha, also failed to make a significant contribution to the series.

Apart from the music and background score by Anis Ahmed and Debayan Banerjee, there was nothing impactful in the mystery thriller Jaatishawr. The series falls short of the director's previous work, such as Srikanto, which was a far better creation than Jaatishawr.

Producing content at scale while keeping up with the demands of OTT platforms' audiences can be challenging. However, a lack of uniqueness in plots can be detrimental in the long run. Audiences would be happier to see great content like Dakghor, Indubala Bhater Hotel, Mohanagar Season 2, Karagar Part 1, Shikarpur, and Uttwaran than watching series with repetitive plots like Jaatishawr.

Overall, Jaatishawr fails to make a mark due to its repetitive plot, lackluster performances, and weak storyline. It fails to deliver the thrilling mystery experience that viewers expect from such a series.


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