Unish Bish (2023) Review: Mizanur Rahman Aryan elegantly narrated this romantic drama

Unish 20 (Bish) Bangladeshi Film Review: Story and Performances

Do you fall in love with good romantic drama films over and over again? Then it’s time for you to switch to Chorki to watch director Mizanur Rahman Aryan's romantic drama Unish Kuri starring Arifin Shuvoo, Afsana Ara Bindu, Wahida Mollick Jolly, Hasan Masood, AM Majumder, Intekhab Dinar, Anaya Zakira Hossain, Tania Ahmed, Dikon Noor, & Sabiha Jaman.

The story revolves around Apu (Arifin Shuvoo) and Sheela (Afsana Ara Bindu) who work in different organizations. They met during a meeting where both organizations wanted to collaborate and Apu had to show the presentation in front of them. His presentation was appreciated by others barring Sheela and finally, they collaborated. How did the relationship between Apu and Sheela develop? Why did Sheela leave Apu? Will Apu get back Sheela in her life?

Before I jump into the performances of Arifin Shuvoo and Afsan Ara Bindu I would like to highlight that Mizanur Rahman Aryan's fantastic storytelling, Sheikh Rajibul Islam's cinematography, and Simit Ray Antor’s editing gave the best cinematic experience.

The production value of this film is excellent and it is quite easily visible by the shooting locations, set design, lighting, and camera works. Also, the melodious compositions by music director Sajid Sarker have perfectly enhanced the movie-watching experience. You will fall for the songs like "shanti chukti", "durbin", "pakhi pakhi mon", & the poem "jodi tumi fire na aso".

There is one scene when Apu sits with guitar in hand and finds Sheela at the door, then enters the room and hugs him. The camera moves away from them and after showing the rest of the parts in the room when finally it shows Apu again we see him alone there which shows how much he misses her at every moment.

The brilliance of Mizanur Rahman Aryan is visible throughout the film especially, in the way he presented the scenes featuring Apu after Sheela left him. Apu tries to be well organized but fails again and again and cries understanding the absence of Sheela and how she completes him.

He also gave sufficient focus towards the development of the chemistry between Apu and Sheela in such a way that at times you will feel the pain Apu was getting inside after Sheela left him.

Arifin Shuvoo as the charming guy Apu is spectacular and unmatched. Many of us might be surprised by the way the action star has turned himself into a romantic hero.

Afsana Ara Bindu as Sheela was equally impressive. She looks gorgeous in the "pakhi pakhi mon" song. Intekhab Dinar looks good in the cameo.

Bangladeshi film Unish Kuri which was released on 13th February 2023 on Chorki, is an elegantly narrated romantic drama by Mizanur Rahman Aryan with top-notch performances from Arifin Shuvoo and Afsan Ara Bindu.


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