Internsheep (2023) Web Series Review: Rezaur Rahman written & directed series perfectly depicts the agency life

Internsheep Series Cast:

Shommo Jyoti, Sadia Ayman, Sarah Alam, Makhnun Sultana Mahima, Mir Rabby, Shampa Reza, Morshed Mishu, Saif Imam, Arpan Chakma, Taslima Nodi, Nafis Ahmed, Tony Michael, Mukul Siraj

Internsheep (2023) Web Series Review: Story & Performances

Internsheep directed by Rezaur Rahman comprising 6 episodes was released on 23rd February 2023 on Chorki.

Shubhro (Shommo Jyoti), a young college dropout dreams of becoming independent and leading life the way he wants since his childhood days & at present he is very much excited about joining an agency as an Intern. His girlfriend Raisa (Makhnun Sultana Mahima) informs him to sleep early so that he arrives office on time.

Out of his excitement, he arrives office at 8 am instead of 10 am on the first day. He felt good and motivated after a brief introduction to others in the office. There is one wall in the office called the “Wall of Heroes” with photos of some employees who contributed to the success of the agency and Shubhro wants to get added there. Will Shubhro be able to survive at the agency and get added to the “Wall of Heroes”?

Coping with an agency life is never easy and the web series Internsheep perfectly depicts this. People who have worked in any agency will be able to relate to each and everything that has been shown here. Starting from the new project brief, internal meeting, client meeting, Sending emails without any mail body or attachment, meeting deadlines, working day and night to escape client escalations, and how these are impacting their daily lives have been beautifully presented in this series.

We can divide the whole series into 3 parts, the 1st and most interesting part was the initial days of Shubhro as an intern at the agency, the 2nd part was how he tries to understand the agency culture and the people around him and the 3rd part was how he accepts and chooses the path he wants to focus.

Words might fall short of praising writer & director Rezaur Rahman’s contribution to this series. I really like the way he focused on the characters that deserve the maximum screen time. He has proven to be a master storyteller of Bangladesh.

There is nothing much I can say about the performance of Shommo Jyoti who lived the character of Shubhro during his internship at the agency. In each and every scene he featured whether, for comedy or emotion, he was able to connect the audience with his natural acting.

Arpan Chakma as Arpan got good screen time and he utilized it perfectly. He is mostly involved in comedy scenes and he makes them look real. Sarah Alam whose performance was highly appreciated in Bodh season 1 provided a decent performance as the account manager Fariha. Mir Rabby as Shafayat did not disappoint either, the way he connects with his team and then shouted at them whenever they screwed up something is relatable to an account manager at an agency.

Makhnun Sultana Mahima as Shubhro’s girlfriend Raisa looks convincing. Sadia Ayman as Monisha Saif Imam as Saif, Morshed Mishu as Rafid, and Taslima Nodi as Zerin delivered good performances as Shubhro’s colleagues in the agency.

Rubaba Osman as HR Shampa Reza & Mukul Siraj as Office boy Bombani Bhai looked okay with their performances. Music director Rayhan Islam Shuvro, cinematographer Rafiqul Islam, & editor Nissan Mahmud deserve a mention for their contribution.

Internsheep is a must-watch Bangladeshi web series on Chorki for the brilliant storytelling and top-notch performances from the star cast and is certainly writer & director Rezaur Rahman’s best work till date.


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