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Shikarpur (2023) Bengali Web Series Review: Ankush Hazra and Kaushik Ganguly delivered praiseworthy performances

Director Nirjhar Mitra’s Shikarpur web series comprises 9 episodes & starring Ankush Hazra, Kaushik Ganguly, Sandipta Sen, Debashish Mondal, Tannistha Biswas, Sayan Ghosh, Anirban Bhattacharjee, Debesh Roychoudhury, & Korak Samanta was released on 6th January 2023 on ZEE5.

The story of this comedy thriller revolves around the detective Keshto (Ankush Hazra) who is also a photographer & a tenant at his guru Dindayal Biswas’s (Kaushik Ganguly) residence. Dindayal is a renowned detective who lives with his wife and daughter Chumki (Sandipta Sen). Keshto and Chumki love each other but Chumki’s mother doesn’t like Keshto. The police officer Biman (Debashis Mondal) who sometimes visits Dindayal’s house for tips regarding cases also loves Chumki.

The local Zamindar Ramprakash Ghosh (Debesh Roychoudhury) appointed Keshto to find out the serial killer at Shikarpur. Will Keshto be able to find out the serial killer?

After Uttwaran once again Ankush Hazra and Kaushik Ganguly delivered praiseworthy performances. No words will be enough to describe the magnificent performance of Kaushik Ganguly who is also the creative presenter of this thriller.

After appearing in a cameo in Kishmish, Ankush Hazra featured in Savings Account and Ogo Bideshini in 2022 but both of his movies were disappointing. Finally, he has been able to impress the audience with his spectacular performance as Keshto in Shikarpur.

A few scenes like the one when Keshto saves Godai from being used as child labour at a hotel, or when Godai proposes to watch Ankush Hazra starrer F.I.R movie, or when the goat Mukul was killed by the butcher, Boltu (Korak Samanta), pronouncing the word pond, Dindayal calling Boltu as Pichhla, Keshto offering alcohol to Boltu to escape from the cold weather, Dindayal calling himself the Tendulkar as Detective and comparing Keshto with Kohli, are really enjoyable.

Sandipta Sen as Chumki delivered a fine performance in this series. Out of her recent performances in Bodhon, Murder in the hills, and Ekannoborti, her character Chumki in this nail-biting thriller will grab your attention every time she appears.

Debashish Mondal who delivered an impactful performance in Anirban Bhattacharya’s directorial Mandaar did not disappoint as the police officer Biman in this series. Korak Samanta looks convincing as Boltu. Sayan Ghosh, Anirban Bhattacharjee, Joydeep Mukherjee, & Debesh Roychoudhury provided ably support with their respective characters.

Nirjhar Mitra’s captivating storytelling in Shikarpur is the main reason you can watch this comedy thriller on ZEE5. It is one of the finest web series in Bengali which has solid performances from Ankush Hazra, Kaushik Ganguly, & Sandipta Sen. The cinematography by Souvik Basu, the music & background score by Mainak Mazoomdar, & editing by Subhajit Singha were the other highlights of this series. The series looked a bit unnecessarily stretched in the last couple of episodes.


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