Ponniyin Selvan: 1 Movie Review: Director Mani Ratnam is back with another masterpiece

Director: Mani Ratnam

Music Director: A.R. Rahman

Ponniyin Selvan: 1 Cast:

Vikram, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Karthi, Trisha Krishnan, Jayam Ravi, Shobita Dulipala, Aiswarya Lekshmi, Prabhu, Vikram Prabhu, Sarathkumar, Prakash Raj, Nassar

Release Date:

PS:1 was released in theatres on 30th September 2022 in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam Languages and has a Box Office collection of Rs 100 crore only in Tamil Nadu & Rs 250 crore worldwide after the business of the first 4 days.

Ponniyin Selvan: 1 Review: Story

The story of Ponniyin Selvan – 1 takes us more than 1000 years ago to the golden era of Chola & it is based on writer and journalist Kalki Krishnamurthy's 1955 novel, Ponniyin Selvan. The Emperor Sundar Chola (Prakash Raj) who ruled in Tajore had two sons Crown Prince Aaditha Karikalan (Vikram) and Arunmozhi Varman (Jayam Ravi), and one daughter Kundhavai (Trisha).

Aaditha Karikalan was looking unstoppable at that time and he defeated the Pandyas & killed King Veera Pandiyan(Nassar) in the Sevur Battlefield. Veera Pandiyan’s wife Nandini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) was in a relationship with Aaditha Karikalan once. She is the present wife of Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar (Sarathkumar) and has plans in her mind to take revenge for her husband’s death.

Aaditha Karikalan’s close friend and trusted aide Vandhiyathevan(Karthi) played a big role in the war against the Rashtrakutas. Aaditha sent Vandhiyathevan on a mission considering the information he received from their spies. How much difficult the mission will be for Vandhiyathevan covers the rest of the story.

Ponniyin Selvan - 1 marks director Mani Ratnam’s comeback after 4 years. He believes in giving the best cinematic experience and we have seen that earlier too in movies like Roja, Dil Se, Yuva, Guru, and Raavan. Though the period drama PS – 1 was more challenging than his earlier projects, especially in the technical aspect and he didn’t let the audience’s expectations down.

Like most of his previous movies, the way he has combined art and commercial elements in PS–1 deserves a lot of appreciation. The successful collaboration of A.R. Rahman and Mani Ratnam continues from Roja to Ponniyin Selvan – 1. The songs and background score by A.R. Rahman were pleasant and Ravi Varman’s camerawork also deserves a mention.

Karthi as Vandhiyathevan delivered an outstanding performance. He had a good screen presence in the first half and he left a great impact. His dialogue delivery and comic timing were nearly perfect. 

Jayam Ravi appeared after the interval but left a lasting impression with his performance.  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Trisha both were looking gorgeous and provided convincing performances with their respective characters. 

Only Vikram looked a bit underutilized, he had very little screen time and his character development also didn’t look good. Shobita Dulipala, Aiswarya Lekshmi, Nassar, Sarathkumar, and Prakash Raj provided ably support with their respective characters.

We didn’t receive many details about a few characters which we may get in Ponniyin Selvan: 2 which is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Final Words:

Ponniyin Selvan: 1 (PS: 1) is a blockbuster period drama movie that has been adapted from the novel, Ponniyin Selvan and has almost every element from Mani Ratnam’s brilliant storytelling to A.R. Rahman’s pleasant music to keep you hooked to your seats.


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