Malayalam Monster Movie Review: Mohanlal starrer crime thriller lacks uniqueness

Director: Vyshak

Monster Movie Cast:

Mohanlal, Honey Rose, Lakshmi Manchu, Sudev Nair, Jess Sweejan, Siddique, K. B. Ganesh Kumar, Johny Antony, Lena, Idavela Babu, Nandu Pothuval, Kailash, Jagapathi Babu

Release Date & Box Office Collection:

Monster was released in theatres on 21st October 2022 & has a box office collection of Rs. 4.94 crores after 1st week’s business in India.

Malayalam Monster Movie Review: Story

Bhamini (Honey Rose), a cab driver was living a happily married life with her husband Anil Chandra (Sudev Nair) & daughter Kunjatta (Jess Sweejan). Anil was terminated from his company long back as he was unable to manage both his job simultaneously.

On the day of their first anniversary, she was sent to pick up Lucky Singh (Mohanlal) from the airport. On the way, she was warned by a lady police officer for over speeding but she ignored her & left for the airport.

Lucky Singh came to Kochi to sell his flat and when he heard the news from Bhamini about their first-anniversary celebration he decided to join them though she was not happy with this. The rest of the story is about how Bhamini and Anil’s lives changed with the arrival of Lucky Singh.

Performances & Analysis

The main problem with Monster is the poor writing. The story was mostly predictable and lacked the elements to give a thrilling experience. The sensitive topic was not handled well and a few dialogues were absolutely unacceptable.

At the climax, Mohanlal describes himself as Monster to Jess Sweejan for no reason. The majority of audiences were certainly not happy with Mohanlal’s script selection considering the kind of movies he has gifted the audience in his career.

A few positive sides of the movie I can remember are the solid performance of Honey Rose & the action sequence in the climax between Mohanlal and Lakshmi Manchu. Lakshmi Manchu and Sudev Nair looked okay with their respective characters. Jagapathi Babu appeared at the climax for a cameo but had nothing for him in the script.

Monster is the second collaboration between Mohanlal & director Vyshak (Ebbey Abraham) after Pulimurugan and a highly disappointing project for both of them. From the technical aspect, neither the music nor the editing looked okay.

Final Words:

Mohanlal, Honey Rose, & Lakshmi Manchu starrer Monster the Malayalam crime thriller lacks any good reason to stay hooked to your seats for 2 hours 15 minutes. Unless you are a die-hard fan of Mohanlal it’s better to spend 2 odd hours with your family by watching any soap.


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