Eesho Movie Review: Jayasurya shines in this Nadirshah directorial suspense thriller

Eesho (2022) Movie Cast:

Jayasurya, Jaffer Idukki, Namitha Pramod, Johny Antony, Akshara Kishor, Rajith Kumar, Mohan Jose, Suresh Krishna, Srikant Murali, Indrans

Director: Nadirshah

Release Date:

The movie was released on 5th October 2022 on SonyLIV.

Eesho (2022) Malayalam Movie Review: Story

The story of Eesho begins with a nice song where a sweet little girl Shivani (Akshara Kishor) was singing and dancing with her mother. After the song, we saw a few teachers asking Shivani the reasons for her poor performance in the exam and other activities. She informed them about getting abused by Viswambaran(Yadhu Krishnan) who is a teacher at that school.

Those teachers along with Shivani’s mother and a Police officer went to the school to complain about Viswambaran but the prime witness Peon Raveendran(Rajith Kumar) lies in front of the Police. He falsely accused Shivani’s mother to have a relationship with Viswambaran in absence of her husband Shivan(Jayasurya) who works in the middle east.

Ramachandra Pillai(Jaffer Idukki), an ATM security guard went to the lawyer’s office to confirm that he will appear in court as the prime witness of an assault and murder case against a powerful business tycoon. Advocate Awasthy (Namitha Pramod) informs her boss advocate Sabastian Aduppukunnel(Johny Antony) that Ramachandra Pillai could not sleep because of the tension.

Sabastian warned him about the upcoming danger he may face. But he said that he is ready to risk his own life as well as his two daughters for justice. After returning to his duty at the ATM he came to know the other guard Jamal(Mohan Jose) may not come as he will visit the hospital to check whether his wife has COVID or not. The next day Ramachandra will be visiting the court for the hearing, so he stayed that night at the ATM.

On the same night, a stranger who introduced himself as Eesho to Ramachandra Pillai got stuck in his car in front of the ATM, so he decided to spend some time with Ramachandra until he gets someone to help him. Will Ramachandra be able to attend the court the next day? Who is this Eesho & what is his motive to stay with Ramachandra?

Performances & Analysis

The only thing that has worked in Eesho is the performances from Jayasurya and Jaffer Idukki. Especially Jayasurya delivered an outstanding performance here. The way he changed his expressions and body language during his conversations with Jaffer Idukki was amazing. Jaffer Idukki was also convincing as a middle-aged ATM security guard Ramachandra Pillai who showed the courage to expose the culprits ignoring all the possible consequences. Namitha Pramod’s character of Advocate Awasthy was poorly written. Nadirshah’s music and Rahul Raj’s background music were okay. 

Eesho is director Nadirsha’s first movie in 2022. His previous movie Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan was released directly on the Disney+Hotstar platform. He didn’t take much care about the character development of a few characters.

The movie suffers due to weak writing and editing. The narrative of the first half was very slow and boring sometimes. But a gripping second half makes this suspense thriller watchable

Final Words:

Eesho is a Malayalam suspense thriller that is worth watching only because of Jayasurya and Jaffer Idukki’s solid performances but the slow-paced narrative and weak writing may disappoint you.


  • Is Eesho a horror movie?

👉 No, it's not a horror movie, it is a crime thriller.

  • What is the plot of Eesho?

👉 Please see the answer above

  • Who is the director of Eesho?


  • Who is the lead cast of Eesho?

👉Jayasurya, Jaffer Idukki, Namitha Pramod, Johny Antony

  • Is Eesho a hit movie?

👉 The film looks good in parts overall it's an average crime thriller.

  • Where can I watch this movie?

👉 On SonyLIV


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