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Lahore Confidential Review

Movie: Lahore Confidential

Director: Kunal Kohli

Lahore Confidential Movie Cast:

Richa Chadha, Karishma Tanna, Arunoday Singh, Khalid Siddiqui

Lahore Confidential Movie Release Date:

The movie was released on 4th February 2021 on ZEE5.

Lahore Confidential Movie Story & Performances:

We have witnessed many Bollywood movies on the Indo-Pakistan relationship. Indoo KiJawani movie was the latest one which was released on 11th December 2020. Lahore Confidential was created by journalist-turned-author S Hussain Zaidi.

In the very opening scene, we saw Rauf Ahmed Kazmi(Arunoday Singh) was shot dead by Ananya(Richa Chadha), a RAW agent.

We were taken to the real story behind this which was 10 months earlier. Ananya’s boss Rajiv(Khalid Siddiqui) was discussing over the phone new sources with Yukti(Karishma Tanna), another RAW agent.

She suggested the name of Rauf(Arunoday Singh), a cultural event organizer and passionate about poetry. Yukti also informed that he maintained distance with her because he might be aware of her profession.

Rajiv decided to send Ananya to Pakistan as she is also quite passionate about poetry. So, there is a chance that he might accept the friendship of Ananya. Yukti initially opposes as Ananya was also very emotional.

As planned they met at a cultural event and slowly got closer to each other. Ananya fell into the trap of Rauf.

Kunal Kohli is mostly known for his directorial movies like “Fanaa” and “Hum Tum”. Lahore Confidential comes nowhere closer to the level of those movies.

Lahore Confidential was an espionage drama with a weak and very common plot. Neither the story nor the cast left any good impression during the 68 minutes spy thriller.

Lahore Confidential Movie Trailer:

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