Damayanti Webseries Review: Thriller With Good Story But Lacks Suspense

Web series Name: Damayanti

Director: Rohan Ghose & Aritra Sen

Background Score: Nabarun Bose

Star Cast:

Tuhina Das, Indrasish Roy, Amrita Chattopadhyay, Soumya

Banerjee, Chandrayee Ghosh, Arpan Ghoshal, Goutam Purakayastha


Release Date:

The Web series was released on 30th October 2020, on Hoichoi.

Damayanti Web Series Review: Story & Performances

Damayanti (Tuhina Das), a history professor is living a happily married life

with his husband Samaresh (Indrasish Roy).

Damayanti’s observations and multitasking skills are simply unbelievable.

At the beginning of the show, we saw her catching a student red-handed for

hacking a girl’s profile inside the university library.

They left for a small trip to Bolpur. While they were entering the resort, the

resort’s Proprietor Dr. Roy was shouting at the manager regarding something.

The local police were called to register a complaint and resolve the issue

regarding customer payments.

At the resort, they met Samaresh’s childhood friend, police officer Shiben

Sen (Soumya Banerjee).

Being a history professor Damayanti always loves a mystery. Through her

observations she found that Dr. Roy’s Daughter Sharmishtha (Amrita

Chattopadhyay) is about to get married. 

Sharmishtha was asking for some time due to her personal reasons but

Dr. Roy was not granting it.

Damayanti was able to solve the customer payment-related issue after

getting some support from Shiben and Samaresh.

Dr. Roy was quite impressed with Damayanti’s brilliance in solving the

case easily. He also asked her for help in another matter.

Damayanti was highly praised by Dr. Roy and also by Shiben sometimes

by the names of Sherlock Holmes, Byomkesh, etc.

Sharmishtha’s fiance Ujjal had an accident which made everyone concerned.

Through the primary investigation, they suspected that someone was involved

and tried to represent it as an accident.

The director duo Rohan Ghose & Aritra Sen did a pretty good job in delivering

such a good thriller. But the story lacks some good suspense which would have

made the story stronger.

Tuhina Das is absolutely brilliant throughout the series. Her observations,

ability to catch suspicious activities as well as people quickly was a delight to


Indrasish Roy, Amrita Chattopadhyay, Soumya Banerjee, Chandrayee Ghosh

also provided their valuable contributions which made the web series worth

watching. If you also love Bengali thrillers then watch Damayanti Web series on Hoichoi TV.

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