Rahasya Romancha Season 3 Web Series Review

Rahasya Romancha Season 3 Web Series Review

Web Series: Rahasya Romancha Season 3

Director: Abhirup Ghosh

Music: Amlaan A Chakroborty

Rahasya Romancha Season 3 Cast:

Saurav Das, Saayoni Ghosh, Kanchan Mullick, Saoli Chattopadhyay,

Rooma Ray, Deboprosad Halder and others

Rahasya Romancha Season 3 Trailer:


Rahasya Romancha Season 2 Trailer:

Rahasya Romancha Season 3 Web Series Release Date:

Season 3 of this web series was released on 27th November 2020,

on Hoichoi.


Rahasya Romancha Season 3 Web Series Story & Performances:


After a short recap of previous seasons where we saw Jhantu killed Shreyosi

(Saoli Chattopadhyay)at the end.


Two men took the body for burying and We were taken to the flashback.

Shreyosi returned home after a long time. She met with their new Tenant

Amrita and her child.


A few local people came with the demand for a high subscription charge at

their house & they refuse to take an amount of 500. They started

misbehaving with Amrita then Shreyosi beats them and makes two of

them injured.


Slowly Shreyosi & Amrita got close to each other. An ex-officer Prateek

Sarkar came to meet Shreyosi for utilizing her skills for some good causes.

She was once known as “Kalo Nekre”. She refuses to go back to her past

life again.


Just when everything was going well, they were attacked by some

unknown people in their house. Shreyosi got injured and Amrita & her

child were abducted.


To find out Amrita she took help from Prateek, who then took her to

Mrityunjoy Chatterjee aka Mora(Saurav Das). Once He was part of

CID team and his records were quite impressive.


After getting some clues and with the help of Saikat Chatterjee(Kanchan

Mullick) they finally found Amrita aka Neelima Sen. She is the mastermind

of women trafficking.


After knowing the truth about Neelima she was quite shocked. Finally

when Shreyosi met Neelima, she killed her, also she herself got injured



Rahasya Romancha Bengali Season 3 comprises 3 different stories. Out of the 3

stories, the first one was quite predictable and less interesting. But

director Abhirup Ghosh was brilliant in keeping the audiences engaged

on the second and the third story.

 We have seen some mixed cast of season 1 as well as season 2 in

season 3.

The action sequences were not up to the mark instead it might make you

laugh sometimes watching those action sequences.


We really can’t deny the fact that the magic created by Rudranil Ghosh

in season 2 was missed very badly in season 3. But his appearance before

ending season 3 might be signaling for a season 4.


If anything has made season 3 super exciting then it’s the performances

of Saurav Das & Kanchan Mullick. Both of their characters were challenging

and they did it brilliantly. Other notable performances came from Saayoni

Ghosh & Saoli Chattopadhyay.


If you are looking for a suspense thriller, then Rahasya Romancha Bengali web series Season 3 will be worth watching.

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