Lyaad Short Film Review: Pradipta Bhattacharya & Ritwick Chakraborty's collaboration looks impressive

Short Film Name: Lyaad

Director: Pradipta Bhattacharya

Music: Anirban Ajoy Das

Lyaad Short Film Cast:

Ritwick Chakraborty

Lyaad Short Film Review: Story & Performances

The term “Lyaad” in Bengali generally refers to the state of being too lazy.

An animated Bengali short film is not something we came across so

often. Ritwick Chakraborty loves to give his best in every character he chooses.


We have already seen him in many great characters and he keeps experimenting with different and challenging characters.


In Lyaad short film his character Kinkar was highly challenging.

Kinkar, like all other corporate persons has tremendous work pressure in the office.


He keeps himself busy at work even on Sundays. His Boss keeps

calling him to submit incomplete projects. On the other hand, his

wife also called him several times a day to finish the pending weekend tasks.


While he weeping for his own fate, he heard the sound of someone calling

him by his name. Bhooter Raja appears on his tablet, Kinkar asked for 6 boons to him. Bhooter Raja only agrees to give him one and gave Lyaad app on his mobile.


He also told Kinkar to enable the Lyaad mode to enjoy it. After waking up

he was thinking it to be a dream. Once he took the phone, he found the

app on it and he kept the Lyaad mode on.


Suddenly his mood changed, and the world around him also changed

Immediately. He found immense pleasure after going into Lyaad mode.

He also shared the app with his wife as well as his Boss.


Whether we talk about Ritwick Chakraborty’s top performance, or

Pradipta Bhattacharya’s brilliant direction or Anirban Ajoy Das’s composition, Lyaad was excellent in every part.


So, if you are also feeling a bit tired after maintaining the same

routine for a long time, then watch Lyaad short film today.

 I hope Bengali movie lovers will love to watch this unique concept.

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