Dugga Short Film Review

Short Film: Dugga

Director: Anurag Pati

Dugga Short Film Cast:

Pratusha Majumder, Joy Sengupta, Annie Sen, Sumit Halder, Ashok Maharana

Release Date:

The short film was released on 6th November 2020, on Hoichoi.

Dugga Short Film Review: Story & Performances

Director Anurag Pati’s short film Dugga starts with a brutal act, the scene where we saw a woman stabbing a man repeatedly.

The incident kept us wondering about the reason behind such brutality. 

As the story unfolds we saw Durga(Pratusha Majumder) keep telling us the whole story. 

Her husband Avinash’s (Joy Sengupta) closeness to Neha (Annie Sen) was increasing day by day. 

Durga found a movie ticket inside the pocket of Avinash’s dress. She guessed that Avinash went to the cinema with Neha but he never asked his wife to go for a movie date.

The narrative of the story was so real that you will start believing that she is telling the real story.

The story suddenly turned towards making us aware of the truth.

Dugga cooked Avinash’s favorite food and wanted to feed him while he was asleep.

It was difficult for him to eat while asleep. He woke up and found that Dugga was trying to feed him in that condition.

This makes him realize about her urgent treatment for Paranoid schizophrenia.

In the end, we found a strong message making people aware of this disease and requesting them to take medical help.

Pratusha Majumder, who is also the producer of this short film delivered a top-notch performance here. She was very well supported by Joy Sengupta.

Director Anurag Pati is an absolute genius in bringing the best performance from Pratusha Majumder during this 13 minutes duration short film.

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