Laghushanka: The Short Film With A Strong Message

Writer & Director: Nikhil Mehrotra

Laghushanka Cast:

Shweta Tripathi, Yogendra Vikram Singh, Kanupriya Pandit,

Narottam Baid, Vijay Kumar Shukla, Rita Agarwal

Release Date:

The short film was released on 16th October 2020, on SonyLIV.

Laghushanka Movie Review: Story & Performances

Laghushanka short film is the directorial debut of Nikhil Mehrotra. We have

already seen some of his great works earlier as a co-writer in movies like “Dangal”,

“Chhichore”, “Panga”, etc.

Shruti (played by Sweta Tripathi) is suffering from a bed-wetting problem. She is

about to get married. The problem had disappeared for quite some time but again

arose just before her marriage.

Everyone in the family is worried about the sudden appearance of this issue.

An uncertainty arose about whether the marriage would happen or not.

The lighting, flowers, and other arrangements were in full swing. Shruti decides

to tell her future husband about her issue. Hearing this the family members were

fighting with each other to convince her not to share this with anyone.

Finally, she agrees to the marriage which gives relief to everyone. On the day of

marriage, they planned not to offer her much drink and also to take her to the

bathroom every 2 hours.

The relatives were quite surprised to see none of the family members breaking

down on her farewell. Shruti had a discussion with her mother after reaching her

in-law’s house.

After waking up in the morning she realized that she did it again. She was feeling

embarrassed about how to face her husband after this. Finally, a twist gave a

happy ending to this problem. 

Director Nikhil Mehrotra kept the 15-minute short film quite engaging. Shweta

Tripathi is just getting better with every project. 

Kanupriya Pandit as Shruti’s mother was also quite impressive. The other

supporting casts were unable to offer us much during their little screen presence.

We rarely talk about this kind of topic but we should give attention to these topics

for better and quicker acceptance. 

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