Comedy Couple Movie Review: Sweet, Romantic And Engaging

Director: Nachiket Samant

Story: Bikas Ranjan Mishra

Screenplay & Dialogues: Kashyap Kapoor, Raghav Raj Kakker

Additional Screenplay & Dialogues: Gaurav Sharma

Comedy Couple Movie Cast:

Saqib Saleem, Shweta Basu Prasad, Pranay Manchanda,

Rajesh Tailang, Pooja Bedi, Aadar Malik, Jasmeet Singh Bhatia

Release Date:

The movie was released on 21st October 2020, on ZEE5.

Comedy Couple Movie Review: Story & Performances

The comedy couple comprises Zoya Batra(played by Shweta Basu Prasad) and

Deep Sharma(played by Saqib Saleem). Their dream is to be the best comic duo

in the world.

They are in a live-in relationship which sometimes becomes their trouble. The fear

of society allows no property owner to rent their house to unmarried couples.

To solve this problem Deep introduces Zoya as his sister to the property owner.

One fine day they were caught kissing inside the lift.

The owner throws them out of her house without any second thought. Once again

their search for another house begins. Their friend Timmy(played by Jasmeet Singh

Bhatia) assures them of arranging something soon.

They had found a solution by settling with their respective friends until they found a

new house for them.

The show that was held in a bar was very much appreciated by the audience. Their

manager (played by Pranay Manchanda) informed them about their next show in a

bank’s corporate event. 

Deep’s father(played by Rajesh Tailang) believes his son is doing an IT job with a

good package. On the other hand, Zoya’s mother (played by Pooja Bedi) an artist

&a single mother always tries to protect her daughter from falling into any men’s traps.

Zoya’s mother is not impressed with Deep. On the other hand, Deep was unable to

inform his parents about their relationship. After receiving many rejections for getting a house only because they were unmarried, they decided to get married.

Deep was quite sure that if he informed his parents about the marriage they would

not agree to a sudden marriage without the presence of all of their guests.

She also convinced Zoya that her mother might disagree as well because she doesn’t like Deep. So, they decided to finish the process with only their friends as witnesses.

But on the day of marriage, Zoya realizes that she is not happy doing the marriage

without her mother’s presence who single-handedly took care of her from childhood.

She canceled the marriage and left the marriage court. After returning home she

decides to inform their parents and then get married. Then she came to know that

Deep had told her many lies.

They fought again and were not ready to work together again. But their manager

convinced them and they went to their next show. In between the show, Deep was

arrested by the local police for a controversial joke on stage.

Director Nachiket Samant & the whole team did a brilliant job delivering such

a beautiful story to refresh our mood during this pandemic.

Saqib Saleem was really good except for a few scenes. Shweta Basu Prasad was

quite impressive. The best part of the movie was the love story of Zoya & Deep.

Their love, romance, fight everything will make you fall for them.

The other star casts including Pranay Manchanda, Rajesh Tailang, and Pooja Bedi were good with their respective performances.

If you are looking to refresh your mood with a sweet, romantic & engaging story then watch the Comedy Couple movie on ZEE5.

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