Hoichoi’s Tasher Ghawr Movie Review

Hoichoi’s Tasher Ghawr Movie Review

Director: Sudipto Roy

Music: Amit & Ishan

Story & Dialogues: Sahana Dutta

Tasher Ghawr Cast:

Swastika Mukherjee, Judhajit Sarkar

Tasher Ghawr Movie Story & Performances:

The story of Tasher Ghawr Movie revolves around Sujata (played by Swastika Mukherjee), a married woman locked in her house during this pandemic. Her disrespectful husband (played by Judhajit Sarkar) is also unable to step out due to the increasing number of corona cases.

Previously her husband used to stay at home on Sundays only for his job. Now every day he kept her busy preparing meals for him for too many sessions. Sujata keeps telling her every minute’s activity in front of the camera.

She loves the smell of different things like the smell of fish blood, the smell of the knife while cutting the vegetables. She also talked about her husband’s extra-marital affair. They are unable to meet from the start of this pandemic. 

Before the lockdown started he used to return home late every night. The reason for this was his office and then meeting with his girlfriend. The lockdown has forced him to be engaged on the phone always with his girlfriend.

His occasional fight with his girlfriend over the phone always results in some insulting behavior to Sujata. She also mentioned his abusive behavior at night. She loves to stay all alone so that no one’s voice can disturb her loneliness. 

Swastika Mukherjee portrayed the character of Sujata very well. The movie is quite slow though which may upset you sometimes but its running time is only 47 minutes. Tasher Ghawr Movie consists of a song called “Amar Kono Golpo Nei '' sung by Swastika herself which was so soulful.

Sahana Dutta’s story & Sudipto Roy’s direction did a great job in portraying a woman’s condition during this lockdown in the Tasher Ghawr movie. They are given so many jobs but anyone rarely cares about their mental as well as physical health’s condition.

Tasher Ghawr Movie was released on 3rd September 2020 and is streaming on Hoichoi.

Tasher Ghawr Movie Trailer:

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