Cargo Movie Review: An Inventive Science Fiction Drama

Writer & Director: Arati Kadav

Cargo Movie Cast:

Vikrant Massey, Shweta Tripathi, Biswapati Sarkar, Nandu Madhav

Cargo Movie Review: Story & Performances

Cargo is a sci-fi genre movie released on Netflix on 9th September 2020. The fact that we did not come across sci-fi genres in Hindi movies often. 

The attempt from the debutant director Arati Kadav should be appreciated. The recently released movie JL-50 which was also a sci-fi genre movie received so much praise.

Indian Post Death Transition (IPDT) service helps in healing dead people. They are sent back again to earth after their transformation.

Prahastha (played by Vikrant Massey) is the main Astronaut in the 634-A spaceship. He used to be the only person responsible for transitioning the dead bodies to another life. He had requested an assistant earlier which might be of great help for him but it was not granted.

Vikrant Massey will be next seen in director Puneet Khana's movie Ginny weds Sunny.

Prahastha's monotonous life gets some excitement when the dead people arrive. They have their stories to tell and Prahastha is a good listener.

Finally, an assistant named Yuvishka was sent to help him. The arrival of youthful and energetic Yuvishka adds so much energy to Prahastha’s boring life.

Most of the humans after arriving at the spaceship wondered and also some of them asked whether they had arrived in heaven or hell.

Talking about the director Arati Kadav we must hail her attempts for delivering such great content. She is already receiving some great wishes for her good work. We are also hoping she keeps delivering us many more good movies in the coming days.

Shweta Tripathi was simply brilliant in her first scene. Her character was quite a challenging one and she had done it with full energy and utmost brilliance.

Vikrant Massey was so convincing throughout the movie. We must say that director Arati Kadav was outstanding in bringing out the best in Vikrant Massey with such a character.

We all are dealing with a tough situation in this pandemic. Watching Cargo Movie on Netflix will certainly bring a smile to your face.



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