Lootcase Movie Review: Rajesh Krishnan's Directorial Debut is Praiseworthy

Director: Rajesh Krishnan

Producer: Fox Star Studios
Screenplay: Rajesh Krishnan, Kapil Sawant
Music: Amar Mangrulkar & Rohan-Vinayak

Lootcase Movie Cast:

Kunal Kemmu, Rasika Dugal, Gajraj Rao, Ranvir Shorey, Vijay Raaz, 
Aakash Dabhade, Aryan Prajapati

Lootcase Movie Review: Story & Performances

The story of Lootcase Movie revolves around a printing press
staff Nandan Kumar played by Kunal Kemmu. He has a daily life surrounding his wife
Lata played by Rasika Dugal, son, and office colleagues. His wife keeps complaining
about missing daily needed goods and some wishes for a better lifestyle. His
son’s demands never stop, every time he promises his father to make that one as
his last demand.

Everything was going normal until one day while returning from the office he found
a suitcase. He opened it and saw the suitcase full of money. It is quite common for
any middle-class guy to believe if it was real what he has just got. He was rarely
interested in giving it away to anyone still he asked very slowly if anyone had
forgotten that suitcase. He checked the area carefully to see whether anyone was there
to notice him run away with the suitcase.

Initially, he was clueless about how to spend that money then slowly he started
to spend on his family’s unfulfilled wishes. The suitcase belongs to the
local MLA Patil played by Gajaraj Rao who had appointed two goons to transport the money. When they left as per his order, on the way their rival
gang attacked them, at the same time police appeared and they had to run hiding
the suitcase nearby. 
The rival gang’s leader was Bala played by Vijay Raaz who was an obsessed
person with National Geography and also used to order his fellows to subscribe
to the channel. Gajaraj Rao secretly appointed a cop Koltey played by Ranvir
Shorey to find out the suitcase. The climax was about complete madness with
too many guns firing.

Kunal Kemmu who is known for his well-timed comedy in movies like Dhol,
Golmaal 3 has made his character Nandan look real as a middle-class man.
His inability to hide that huge amount of cash and how to spend it will
make you laugh loudly. His wife Rasika Dugal has also played her character
beautifully. The characters of Gajaraj Rao, Ranvir Shorey, & Vijay Raaz got
sufficient focus that was needed.

Lootcase movie was a full-on entertainer. Director Rajesh Krishnan has made
his debut quite worthy. He was successful in providing us some laughs and fun
during this pandemic. Don’t miss this opportunity to loot some laughs from the
movie Lootcase. The movie is streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

Is the Lootcase family a movie?

Yes, it is a good comedy movie you can enjoy with your family & friends.

Is Lootcase a hit?

Many film critics and even audiences have showered their praise on different social
media platforms for Lootcase Movie.

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