Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review: Weak plot and poor performances

Writer & Director: Ajay Lohan

Producer: Shreyans Mahendra Dhariwal

Music Directors: Ramji Gulati, Chirantan Bhatt, Sanjoy Chowdhury

Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Cast:

Urvashi Rautela as Bhanupriya

Rajiv Gupta as Vijay

Niki Walia as Moon

Rumana Molla as Rukul

Sumit Gulati as Rajiv

Gautam Gulati, Brijendra Kala, Archana Puran Singh, Natasha Suri

Virgin Bhanupriya Movie Review: Story & Performances:

The story of the Virgin Bhanupriya movie revolves around a girl who is a virgin and eager to lose her virginity but after many attempts, she failed. Her best friend Rukul is completely
different from her and she used to flirt and go for casual hookups with guys.
She often suggests Bhanu date a guy and starts an intimate encounter.

Her parents are separated and they used to fight regarding some random
issues or topics whenever they come face to face. Sometimes it gives you the
feeling that the story is moving directionless. The story was somehow different
but there was a lack of some good performances.

The Direction: The director failed to create any impressive emotional moments.
A few scenes were there which looked a little funny but the story was lacking some
funnier moments at the right time. The director tried to add a few twists at the climax
which were irrelevant and that makes it worse.

The Music: The music was not impressive either. Ramji Gulati, Chirantan Bhatt,
Sanjoy Chowdhury 3 music directors worked on the album but the tracks were so
ordinary. They tried to recreate the song Pucho Na Yaar Kya Hua but did not
work well.

The Acting: 

Urvashi Rautela leading lady of the story has tried to put a positive note on her acting. Except her other performances were almost forgettable. We have already seen her in some notable performances in
movies like Kaabil, Sanam Re, Pagalpanti, etc.

Sumit Gulati as Rajiv had tried his best to impress with his decent, simple
guy character who keeps trying to be in a relationship with Bhanu but you
rarely get impressed.

Gautam Gulati, the guy with six-pack abs and some bike stunts used to
attract girls so often. But the story had rarely any good thing about his
character to impress the audience.

Rumana Molla as Rukul has played her part quite well. In fact, she is the only
character after Bhanu to make you feel good.

Considering every part of this movie it will be quite risky for you to invest your
time in such a movie. If you are just trying to find something as time pass for
around 2 hours then you can give it a try only for Bhanu and Rukul’s performances.

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